About Us

Busby’s history can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Busby, Inc. was originally started by a man by the name of Alvin C. Busby. In 1912 Alvin moved his blacksmith shop to Ellensburg, Washington from Bakersfield, California. He continued his work shoeing horses, repairing and producing farm tools, and installing rims on buggy wheels. In time Alvin’s son, Alvin Glenn Busby, joined the family business. He helped diversify it into the manufacture of automatic coal stokers as they continued to do farm repair. In 1952 Gene Busby, Alvin C. Busby’s grandson, was apprenticed into the business. Business continued to grow, and in 1975 they outgrew their hometown facility, and made the move to Moses Lake, Washington. Busby, Inc. made their home at the former Larson Air Force Base. Busby, Inc. continued to expand, fabricating Snowplows and Equipment for the Department of Transportation, Pony Trailers, Drill Rigs and Substructures for the North Slope.

When Busby, Inc closed its doors in 1983, Busby International, Inc. was established in April 1983. At this time a past employee of Busby, Inc. had the determination to make Busby International, Inc. successful. Busby International, Inc. has since moved from the Larson Air Force Base and continues to thrive. Busby International, Inc. is a full service steel fabrication shop with a complete machine shop and Waterjet facility. Busby International, Inc. is known for manufacturing Gathering Chassis (Bombcart), Container Chassis, fabrication of Drill Rigs and structures for the Oil Industry. Busby is well known for its work in the oil fields of Alaska. Experienced work crews have flown around the world servicing equipment.

Busby International, Inc. is dedicated to quality in its products and will make every effort to ensure your experience with us is an exceptional and satisfying one. Over the past years, Busby has strived to provide the best products to our customers with competitive prices and pride ourselves on giving superior customer satisfaction. We have grown where we now have a worldwide market place and are continually developing new ideas to enhance our products.

Busby International, Inc.
Locally owned and operated since 1983
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