Oil and Gas Equipment

Busby meets the demand for innovative, high-quality products. We design and manufacture products in a variety of industrial fields including Steel Buildings, Marine, Oil and Gas Equipment. We are always looking for new challenges and will work with our customers to develop new products or equipment.


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Mobile Modular Shops and Mobile Modular Housing Units

Busby will custom build Mobile Modular Shops or Housing Units to any width or length that is required by the customer. Each Shop and Unit is custom painted per our customers request.

These Modular Units can be lifted by crane, forklift tubes or tailrolling skid. They come with interior ceiling heights of 8′ to 23′ high, with or without drop ceilings. Each Module is shipped in widths of up to 12′-6″ wide, 12′-6″ high and 60′ long.

Busby Mobile Modular Shops and Housing Units can be fitted with interior and exterior lighting and electrical outlets.  They can be fitted with optional interior insulation and finished with bead board and flooring of your choice.  Optional plumbing and fixtures can be added to any unit.

Rooms can also be added within each module, but it is recommended that interior walls be added on site once the Unit is at its final destination.  Windows and doors can be added and moved to wherever necessary.  Windows come in sizes up to 8′ long X 4′ high.  All Shops come with optional Overhead Roll Up Doors, Overhead Cranes, Heaters and any additional equipment that is specified by the customer.

All Modules are bolted together on site.

We also specialize in Steel Buildings; design, detailing and construction. We have constructed mobile buildings that can either be trucked into place or others that can be modularly air-lifted to any remote location. Not limited to mobile building construction we have also helped design and detail AISC Steel Buildings with tradtitional concrete foundations.




Oil Field Mud Tanks and Welding Sheds

Busby International Oil Field Mud Tanks (Mud Pits) can be fabricated in a variety of sizes and designs.  Mud Tanks are open top tanks, usually made of steel, through which the drilling mud is cycled to allow sand and sediments to settle out. Additives are mixed with the mud in the pit and the fluid is temporarily stored there before being pumped back into the well. Mud Pit compartments are also called Shaker Pits, Settling Pits, and Suction Pits depending on their main purpose.

Busby Mud Tanks are double walled, with options for adding insulation to the primary tank as well as Heat Exchangers, Ladders, Stairways, Catwalks with Handrails, TailRolling Skids and anything else that our customer would like to add.

Busby International Welding Sheds are portable steel modules with welding machines and equipment inside.  Our Welding Sheds come with optional tailrolling skids, lift lugs, D-Rings, forklift tubes, shelving, work benches, electrical outlets, lighting, fans and any additional requests by our customers.


Drill Rig WindWalls

Busby International is capable of designing, manufacturing and collaborating with others to fabricate different and diverse equipment.  One such design and manufactured product are the Drill Rig WindWalls.  This design had restrictions on it coming from a team of five companies which collaborated together to produce a 1.2 million pound mobile oil drilling rig.

Busby WindWalls had to be designed and manufactured in such a way as to fold in on itself for rotating the drill rig mast from a vertical to horizontal position.  Hydraulic rams are used to move the WindWalls up into a vertical position so that the drill rig mast can be rotated up and down.  The WindWalls are used to help provide a clean warm work area on top of the drill rig.

When the drill rig mast is down it rests on Busby International’s Headrack that is designed and manufactured to bear the weight of the drill rig mast either while the drill rig is moved to a new location or so that the mast can be worked on.


VFD Stair Towers

Busby’s VFD Stair Towers are designed to fit our customers needs.  These are designed per OSHA Regulations and include emergency door exiting fixtures, non-slip stairs and platforms with insulated walls, roof and floor panels.

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