WindMill Transport Chassis and Dollies

Wind is free, but you still have to find a way to harness it. As you’re transporting the components for your windmill or wind turbine system. For transporting heavy, long, awkward windmill parts, Busby International WindMill Transport Chassis are the best solution.

Busby WindMill Transport Chassis and Dollies are specifically designed by Busby International to meet our customers’ needs, regardless of how big the job is. These chassis are manufactured in the United States, and built to last with expert fabrication and welding.

Additional options for customizing your WindMill Transport Chassis include adding permanently mounted gathering cradles to help position the windmill components and D-rings to help strap components in place.

These trailers are capable of repeatedly withstanding the impact stresses presented when loading and transporting a windmill component plus a spreader beam and a 6,000 pound head block onto the chassis.

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WindMill Transport Chassis and Dollies

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